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Originally Posted by Dick Adams[_2_] View Post
One of my doctors gave me a laundry list of things to do and
to not do. One was to eat less salt. Another was to eat more
fruits and vegetables.

It would be difficult for me to eat less salt. A year or so ago
I salted a very bland piece of salmon and my wife commented that
it was the first time she had ever seen me salt food. We had
been together over 25 years when she said that.

I am eating more fruits and vegetables. My usual condiments are
black pepper from a grinder, ground garlic, ground hot peppers,
and hot pepper sauce. I recently switched from regular Tabasco
to their Chipotle variety because it has more of a flavor that
I like. What is happenning is that I am finding vegetable dishes
to be bland in spite of these seasonings - even through pepper

What I would appreciate are some suggestions as to condiments
that bring out the flavor of cooked vegetables and URL's for
recipes that have distinctive flavoring.

Try Mrs Dash!
It comes in a shaker and is a sodium free replacemetn for salt. It is a mix of all kinds of seasonings- I really love it;