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Default Omelet funny

Yes, I like the crusty top too, sometimes I do frittatas in the oven and
I have a top element in there as well as a bottom so can turn that on
near the end. I have many uses for frittata Jasmine sometimes has
some on a sandwich for school. Easier for her to handle that way as she
is not good with eating softer food and can't use a knife, just a fork
or spoon. She tends to eat soft food by grabbing handfuls and
shovelling it in, not a pretty sight, especially at school.

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If I was making frittata I
would use smaller pan and more ingredients and egg mix to make it a
thicker (in height) and cook slower with a lid.

With frittata, I cook the veggies or whatever in a 10 inch cast iron
pan, then pour the egg/cream mix on top. I let that cook a few minutes,
then put cheese on top and slide the pan under a hot broiler for five
minutes or so. Remove and let sit for 5 minutes, serve.

I like to do this with mushroom and grape tomatoes especially.

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