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Default 3D printed meat could soon be cheap and tasty enough to win youover

On 3/18/2013 3:27 PM, Dutch wrote:
[email protected] wrote:
On Thu, 14 Mar 2013 13:06:00 -0700, Dutch wrote:

[email protected] wrote:
On Tue, 12 Mar 2013 16:25:58 -0700, Goo lied:

There are
some things he knows - for example, that existence *cannot* be a

Goober not only do I not "know" it can't be a benefit, but
between your
whole little family of goobers none of you can suggest a single
thing that could
possibly prevent it from being one, Goo.

Ball thinks you know you're wrong. I disagree, I think you're just

Since none of you can say what you want us to think prevents it
from being a
benefit, I'm not the stupid one for not knowing what you want us to think
prevents it from being one. You're stupid for suggesting I am, and
you're stupid
for not being able to say what you want people to think prevents it
from being

You're stupid because it's been explained to you at least a hundred
times and you still say that we can't do it.

LOL! Every time we explain that the definition of benefit and the
observation of what effect coming into existence - "getting to
experience life" - has on welfare mean that existence *cannot* be a
benefit - by definition - ****wit keeps coming back and pretending to
ask what "prevents" it from being one, as if "getting to experience
life" /might/ be a benefit except for the actions of some agent.

This is like asking what "prevents" ****wit's niece from being his
grandfather. There is no agent that prevents it; it is "prevented" by
the definitions of the terms.

You don't even attempt to
explain why you disagree with the explanations provided to you,

He *doesn't* disagree with them. He *know* that "getting to experience
life" is not - *cannot be - a benefit. He's just ****ing around, as
Derek showed:

I see stuff like it all the time, and in real life I often can't
make a big deal about stupid things that have a negative influence
on me, whether I have a good point about it or not. But in these
ngs I can point things out, and tough shit if the other guy doesn't
like it. So these places are a place to take out frustration.

David Harrison 25 May 2009

Apparently, ****wit finds it relieves his "frustration" to pretend to be
ignorant of things that have been proved to him beyond dispute.