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Default Who Was It That Recently Asked About A Hot Water Heater -- I'm In Hot Water!

On Thu, 14 Mar 2013 11:25:06 -0500, jay wrote:

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Brooklyn1 wrote:

Anyone needs a new hot water heater or just wants to save a bunch of
money an On-Demand Tankless hot water heater works great... had this
installed yesterday:

Nice clean installation.. and they installed proper flush ports and
installed a sediment trap on the gas line. Good for you! Rinnai is known
to be a good product. Works well if centrally located. Mine has to be
circulated due to location and I don't think it saves that much on the
bill. I have a Noritz.

I don't know about the Noritz brand, why did you choose it?
My propane company said that they'd only install Rinnai, said it's the
best... they assured me my savings would be better than 40%... I think
more because I was heating hot water with my house heating boiler, now
I can shut that gas guzzler off throughout the entire non-heating
season... I'm also using that vent-less gas heater, with it running my
boiler hardly runs, that little thing is 99% efficient (has no chimney
to waste heat). They always do a first class install job, no
skimping on quality parts. They had three guys working all day, a lot
was plumbing work on my boiler to get rid of the two hot water holding
tanks and all the extraneous plumbing, one was for my water jacketed
wood burning stove, I will never use it. I don't recommend anyone
attempt this as a DIY project.