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Brian Mailman
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Default Fermented Pickle Problem?

Ross Reid wrote:

Brian Mailman wrote:

Ross Reid wrote:

With pickles and sauerkraut, the fermentation is mainly via bacteria
and takes upwards of 4 to 6 weeks so, there is not really any sign of
an active fermentation.

Hmmm... I dunno. My sours start in at about 3 days, and no longer than
a week.

Do you mean your fermented pickles start to ferment in no longer than
a week, or that they finish in no longer than a week?

Yes, and possibly both depending on the weather.

I've been making fermented dills and sauerkraut for well over 20 years
and I've never had either dills or kraut finish in as short a time as
a week or even less.

Perhaps we're speaking of two different fermentation processes?
Salt-brined pickles never take more than 3 days to begin bubbling for

Although I only started making pickles and sauerkraut some twenty odd
years ago,

Not important, my g'ma said to me almost 45-50 years ago that it's one
of those things that if you do correctly once is all you need.