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Default 2006 Anne Gros Vosne Romanee Les Barreux

On Nov 20, 10:11*pm, "greybeard" wrote:
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| We had a mushroom tart for dinner last night so I opened a wine from a
| case lot that I purchased on release 2006 Anne Gros Vosne Romanee Les
| Barreaux. *Dark burgundy red in the glass with fairly intense
| aromatics. *Black dirt, blackberrys and black cherry on the nose with
| a fairly stong floral component. *Fairly straightforward on the palate
| with somewhat concentrated fruit profile. *Very bright red, blackberry
| and a touch of smoke. *A fair amount of acidity under the fruit and
| stiff tannins on the finish make me think it needs at least five more
| years. *Decent for a village wine.

Hmmm..... Anne Gros wines..........Hmmm...........

[south sea islander extracts vicarious pleasure]

Thanks Bi!!

Hey, keep your vicarious pleasures to yourself. :-)