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Default Thanksgiving meal.

"W. Baker" wrote in message
Cheri wrote:
: "Julie Bove" wrote in message
: ...
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: So... I will be fixing a meal for just the two of us. We both like
: South Beach stuffing. It is baked in a pan. A goodly portion of
: mushrooms,
: .

: Same here, we were invited elsewhere, but just not up to it. I have a 12
: pound turkey that I'm going to give a try with cooking it like Trisha
: Yearwood showed, but not for Thanksgiving. I think I'll make a small ham
: Thanksgiving, but with just the two of us, not a lot of fuss.
: casserole with lots of cheese and a salad. Dessert, something pumpkiny,
: pumpkin custard.
: That's it.

: Cheri

I am invited to my son's for Thanksgiving this year, but, as requested, I
will supply the cranberry sauce (no sugar aded) and the desserts, an apply
either one crust(upper or crumble no sugar added, and a pumpkin pie with a
nut crust and no added sugar. there are several diabetics at this dinner,
so these are especially appreciated. My D-I-L makes a lovely suash and
pear soup that she usually serves adn will roast a lovely turkey with some
trimmings,. there wilbe a stuffing(cooked out ot the bird) and a salad an
d vegetables adn perhaps potatoes but I am not sure.

To me, thanksgiving is aboaut a whole lot of things, not only stuffing
your face, but being with family and friends and realizing that it
epitomizes our US motto, E Pluribus Unim(from many -one, as no matter
where we or our ancestors came from, no matter what our religion or
not, we are all Americans together. The way we serve ot dinner
illusrates this as different ethnicities use different side dishes with
teh turkey, lassagna in many Italian homes, and sweet potato pie in many
southern homes, while many of us do pumpkin pie(in the case of Kosher
Jews, prepared with soy or almond or some non-milk milk, etc. I also know
of some vegetarians who make a tofu turkey!

Let's us all just enoy out diversity and unity as we celebrate this great


Sounds like a relaxing Thanksgiving for you and yours Cheri...enjoy