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Default Jar supply?

Mike Ruskai wrote:
We have a small farm (or large garden, depending on how you scale things)
from which we sell tomatoes, peppers, and a few other things.

Last year, most of the unsold tomatoes and peppers from any given picking
were converted into salsa (good salsa). All told, in three separate
batches of varying sizes, we made something like three or four gallons.
It was all consumed by friends and family. There are quite a few more
tomato and pepper plants this year, and the thought occurred to try
selling some salsa made from the leftovers.

The biggest issue at this point is the container. Last year, all the
salsa was canned in mason jars after a hot water bath (20 minutes, I
believe). After doing some reading, I realize that to do only a hot water
bath for something to be sold requires that the overall pH be not higher
than 4.6. I think it's likely that level of acidity was easily reached
(no sample from last year left to test), but just the same, I'm going to
need a container that can handle pressure canning if it's required.

Selling it in mason jars would be a bit costly. I was thinking something
more like the thinner jars the store-bought salsa is sold in, with the
one-piece sealing lids.

Are there jars of this nature available that can be canned in a normal pot
or pressure canner? If so, where might one purchase them?

Any other tips on what I appear not to have thought of?

- Mike

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Your biggest issue is not containers, it is health permits, or maybe
product liability insurance.

Pressure canning is easier on the jars (in my opinion) than BWB canner.
I have never broken a mayonnaise jar or a mason jar in the pressure
canner. I have broken a very few mason jars in a BWB canner.

If you search, you can find 1-piece lids for mason jars that can be heat
processed. My father got a bunch of them from a bee keeper, and I've
used them for BWB jams and jelly and they work well and look nice.

You might try charging a 50 deposit on reusable jars.

This is not really an appropriate forum for discussing commercial
canning ventures. A couple of the "regulars" here do sell stuff and
they may offer you some help via email if they can figure out your email

Good luck, and best regards,