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Default Vegetarian Breakfast Sausage (meatless sausage)

On Oct 10, 5:31*pm, "The Undead Edward M. Kennedy" wrote:
"Rupert" wrote

Check this out Its great

It's shit. It's unpalatable shit.

Why are "vegans" continually trying to make stuff look like and taste like meat? *Extremely* suspicious.

It's mostly for people who like meat but are trying to eat "healthy".

No one likes "vegan" food - no one.

Some actually do, the problem is none of them are healthy.

This isn't true. Just about everyone enjoys some food which is
suitable for vegans. And a significant majority of those people are
healthy. Furthermore a significant majority of those who consume an
exclusively vegan diet are quite healthy. The American Dietetic
Association has endorsed the position that appropriately-planned vegan
diets are nutritionally adequate at all stages of life, and carry many
significant health benefits.


I was talking about vegans. While technically you and the ADD are
correct, it's like claiming unicorn farts are part of your diet. Show
me the vegan who can appropriate plan a diet at all stages of life,
and I'll show you a unicorn because people need meat and dairy.


You're an idiot.- Hide quoted text -

I'd like to see the type of person that's a cradle to grave vegan.

The kid would break his hip taking the first step...


Two friends of mine have been bringing up their children as vegan
since birth (with the possible exception of breast milk, I am not
sure). The children are perfectly well. One of them is about seven
years old, I think.


"exception of breast milk" indeed. *A is A. *Not A is not A.

You got two imaginary friends and Mr. Cho provided an actual picture.


They are not imaginary friends. The fact that I don't have photos of
them to hand is irrelevant; photos would prove nothing. An image of an
anorexic person has no bearing on the issue.

Your opinions are ignorant prejudices; you don't have any idea of what
you're talking about. If you did you would provide some real evidence.