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Default Thanksgiving info

On Monday, September 24, 2012 3:28:21 PM UTC-4, Bi!! wrote:
Dale-As a resident New Yorker I'm looking for some guidance. We are

spending T-day in NYC as my Son-In-Law is on assignment there. We are

looking for a place for Thanksgiving dinner and my daughter listed a

few places that she likes: The Red Cat,Good Restaurant and Cooks Shop

which all offer a Thanksgiving Day Menu. Were staying at 57th and

Park Ave. Any input is welcome. Sorry to be so off topic.

The only one I've been to is Red Cat, and that's been a while. Nice in a kind of we're a bistro+ type style, food quite competent if not innovative. Cookshop has a very good rep (and are rumored to be corkage friendly). I don't know Good.

Sorry that I'm going to GA for Thanksgiving, would have been nice to meet you.

57th and Park- 2 blocks from Crush (and 2 short blocks from Sherry Lehmann!).

Besides T'giving dinner, for variety you are near Peking Duck house and Il Corso (both corkage friendly). if you want to splurge Daniel, a little less of a splurge Rouge Tomato.