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Default [TN] '61 Beychevelle

On Sunday, September 9, 2012 10:28:41 PM UTC-4, Mark Lipton wrote:
Tonight's dinner was rack of lamb and a potato-green bean salad. Jean

expressed an interest in having a glass of really good wine with dinner,

so I suggested a bottle that she'd received from me for her birthday

last year:

1961 Ch. Beychevelle (St. Julien)

nose: cassis, graphite, cedar, a slight herbaceous note, some earth

palate: fully resolved tannins, medium body, rich mouthfeel, great acidity

This was the second bottle of a cache I gave to Jean last year and it

was even better than the previous one had been. Incredibly youthful

(even down to the cork which was in superb shape), it had a classic

Cabernet nose and an incredible feel of richness in the mouth. It was

acidic enough that it needed the food to show well, but at 11.5% ABV it

showed no heaviness or heat. This led to an interesting discussion

concerning the ABV: since '61 was noted as a warm year that produced

very ripe grapes in Bordeaux, how did they keep the alcohol so low?

Canopy management? Earlier harvest?

Mark Lipton

Glad to hear these are doing well!