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Default when in doubt, throw it out...

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I just had the weirdest thing happen-- I sneezed about 20 times in about
5 minutes... I opened the fridge to eat a spinach salad I made earlier.
I've never sneezed so much in my life. I almost called my ex, to call
911. Can a person die from not being able to stop sneezing? I blew my
nose and still sneezed another 6 or so times. (It was like an x-files

What a bunch of hooey. I don't always sneeze that many times in a row but
when I get started, it is not uncommon for me to sneeze that many times
and more. Yes, it's unpleasant and it can cause you to lose your voice.
But I have never heard of a person dying from sneezing. Not saying that
it hasn't happened though.

I've stopped now, maybe I should not open the fridge again. I try and
keep a clean fridge and it's only couple years old.... all I wanted to
do was eat the spinach salad..

*tapping fingers* my mom said: when in doubt, throw it out... I
suppose the spinach salad is not worth dying over and better safe than
sorry (and dead). It was a bag I had eaten couple days ago and seemed
fine other than being a bit oldish, as spinach gets.

Uh... Why would you think that the spinach caused this?

it was the last thing I did before the sneezing fit... I haven't sneezed

I'm usually a two sneezer and done. Not usually a multiple sneezer.