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Default 2011 Diatom Chardonnays

On 9/14/2012 10:41 AM, Bi!! wrote:
> Greg Brewer of Brewer-Clifton wines released two wines recently from
> his Diaton project. The 2011 Hana Shinbu and 2011 Hamon Chardonnays.
> These are tank fermented, see no wood at all and are very minamalist
> in there handling. Hard to describe these wines but they bear very
> little resemblence to any chardonnay that I've ever had before. Hana
> Shinobu shows a saline character with lime, grapefruit and mineral
> notes that reminds me more of Sake than Chardonnay. Quite lean and
> precise. The Hamon was slightly heavier with pronounced citrus peel,
> mandarin orange and slightly floral. These wines were more like
> Sauvingon Blanc than chardonnay.

I was interested in the name (by the way, it is diato*m*.) Googling
Brewer's pages, all I see is mysticism about how pure is diatomaceous
earth and assignment of Kanji characters to land parcels. What's
actually going on; are the vines grown in diatomaceous dirt or are the
the wines filtered with diatomaceous earth? The pages are irritatingly
hard to read; typically gray letters on light gray, so I may have missed

Jim Silverton (Potomac, MD)

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