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Default What mandolines slice 1/2 inches or larger?

On 9/6/12 5:58 PM, sf wrote:

I want a mandoline that will slice very thin, but will also slice 1/2 inches or larger. I like to grill vegetables and like thicker slices for this. It is alot easier if all slices are the same thickness. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

What you need is a sharp knife and lots of practice.

You might need lots of practice to create consistent 1/16-inch slices,
but if you can't cut even 1/2-inch slices, you shouldn't be allowed
anywhere near anything sharp, IMO.

And for grilling, the difference in cooking consistency between 7-16 and
9-16 thickness is undoubtedly less significant than the temperature
differences across your grilling surface.

-- Larry