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Default Sticker shock

On 8/30/12 10:10 AM, DaleW wrote:

Yeah, lots of stuff that I used to be able to afford- no longer!

I will point out a couple of other factors than general rises:

Dujac - already borderline cult-I'd guess the CdlR was the most
expensive bottle in that mixed case? - has gotten even more popular
since 2004.

1988 really languished in market for a lot of years as they're on
austere side, and were shut down hard. Parker rated them mediocre to
poor. But as they've begun drinking (much) better - and the comments
on wine boards and by critics like Meadows and Gilman who have a
better grip on Burgundy are much more positive- prices have creeped
up even more than other vintages. As a fan of the vintage this makes
me sad!

Those are just observations, I totally agree re Burg prices overall

Good points, Dale. I have no idea if Dujac was the most expensive in
the case, but probably (the rest IIRC were Faiveley and Roty GCs -
Chambertin Clos de Bez, Mazis-Chambertin, etc, and multiple bottles of
Chevillon Vaucrains). And of course this effect isn't limited to
Burgundy. Bdx, CalCabs and Rhone wines have all undergone similar price

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