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Default Anyone still drinking Tieguanyin?

Warren Peltier writes:

Just had a 30-year old Tieguanyin today with some tea friends here in
Fuzhou. This was tea that tea farmers hung up inside the rafters of
their house and forgot about.

Tieguanyin has gotten a really bad name lately and fallen out of favor
with tea drinkers. Tieguanyin vendors struggle to stay in business, at
least in Fuzhou.

Sometime this week, I'm going with a group of tea friends to Anxi where
we'll make some tea ourselves. Hope that works out well. I'm told the
raw leaves will only cost 1 yuan per pound.

Wow. If thats true, it sounds worse than the aftermath of the Puer
bubble. Maybe its a similar phenomenon, though: lots of money suddenly
sloshing into a market lacking enough committed consumers to support all
that investment/speculation?

Lew Perin /