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Default Pastrami Update

"Janet Wilder" wrote in message
On 7/17/2012 7:54 PM, Kent wrote:

Do you need the pressure? Would you lose anything if you steamed in a
steamer, like an oriental bamboo steamer? We have a huge steamer for
Dungeness Crab we picked up at Ranch 99 for less than $30.

One thing I learned about pressure cooking, there is a good deal less
shrinkage of meat. It's also faster and uses less energy.

I learned to use a pressure cooker when I was about 11 years old. Still
use one all the time.

Janet Wilder
Way-the-heck-south Texas
Spelling doesn't count. Cooking does.

Is it a Presto Pressure Cooker? It was developed near the beginning of WWII
and was sort of a standard during those difficult times. I haven't seen one
in years. The Presto plant was very near where I grew up. I think it's
dormant now.