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Default Pastrami

"Janet Wilder" wrote in message
I could have sworn that the FAQ had a pastrami recipe. It didn't.

When corned beef briskets were on sale in March, I got two extra and
decided to try my hand at a pastrami.

I found a rub recipe online that doesn't require a whole lot of sugar
(feh!) and a method whereby one smokes it until 150 internal temp then
steams it in a pressure cooker for that "deli" taste and consistency. I
think this might be they way I'll go.

Any comments or suggestions? I'd appreciate them.
Janet Wilder
Way-the-heck-south Texas
Spelling doesn't count. Cooking does.

Janet here's an article about making pastrami from corned beef I found on
the Virtual Weber Bullet.
I've a got a couple of frozen corned beef flats in the garage freezer. I'm
going to try this. My concern would be the degree of saltiness you end up