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Default Slow Cooker - Pot within the Pot

Geoff Lane wrote:
> On 14/06/2012 23:52, Gary wrote:
> > If I'm getting picked on here, I still say that cooking something in a pot
> > within a crockpot is weird.

> Not picking on you at all, forums should be friendly places with good
> advice and banter.

Thanks Geoff. I like the advice and banter here in RFC but it *IS* a
semi-hostile environment. I was warned about that before I started posting
here. You need to make sure that you say something clearly or you'll
get called on it. Sometimes others get the wrong meaning of what I say.

And then, I can clearly say what I mean sometimes and still get called on my
beliefs. In that case, I will argue my point but I always take into
consideration what others have to say. Often I will listen, do more
research, and I will concede if someone educates me.

I also like to tease people sometimes but no offense ever intended. I like
every single person that posts here, even the sometimes difficult ones. I've
never killfiled anyone.

Finally, this is a good group. It's about food and I learn from what I read
and I'll contribute when I have something worthy to add. I also like it
because OT subjects are accepted here. We're like one large family here and
arguments always occur in a family. Nice that we all know each other and can
talk about anything without restrictions.