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Default Memorial Day BBQ

Ed Pawlowski wrote:

On Mon, 4 Jun 2012 14:14:36 -0500, Sqwertz

The whole idea of training judges to identify a strict and narrow
range of attributes and telling you how to score it is a total crock.
Somebody needs to invent an alternate BBQ circuit based on people's


Taste is too subjective, IMO. In competition, you are trying to cook
to satisfy what is deemed the perfect brisket, or rib, or whatever.
Now, that is good stuff, or course, but many people think some other
taste may be better.

Sort of like telling a group of painters to paint a wall and it should
be the perfect shade of blue for judging. I don't expect everyone
likes my favorite flavor of ice cream the best, same with bbq.

I've been judged by friends and family and they think it is number 1.
Good enough for me. And I get to sleep with the trophy.

i would contend that competition Q strives to be something more uniform
and generic simply as a result of being judged. Variety might be the
spice of life but not in competition.

monroe(not even close to winning 1st place)