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Default GE 40 cup coffee urn percolator tube

The Pump Tube w/Spring to my GE 40 cup coffee urn Model 169199 wore out. I
found a perfect match for it: the Pump Tube w/Spring for the Hamilton Beach
40 cup coffee urn Model Number 45040. This is Hamilton Beach Part Number
990119300. The two coffeemakers both use the same part. I'm just passing on
the information in case anyone wants to get more mileage out of their GE 40
cup coffee urn. I am having a cup of coffee from it right now. The coffee
from my refurbished coffee urn tastes as good as the first day I made coffee
with it.

I ordered two stems and they came in the mail today. I cleaned the pot out
real well and the new stem worked perfectly.

To order the part, go to: and enter:

Product Type: Coffeemakers
Part Number: 990119300