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Default Brisket north of $2!

"Sqwertz" wrote in message
On Mon, 28 May 2012 19:20:47 -0500, ceed wrote:


For the first time in recent history I had to pay more than $2/lb for
brisket (untrimmed). Last year I paid $.99/lb, but this year the lowest I
could find was $2.12/lb.

It's been pretty solid at $2.18 all year (Walmart and HEB) up until
last week it went up to $2.36. I check the brisket prioces almost
every time I go to the stores. HEB and Walmart pretty much match the
price of each other on most foods (that I pay attention to).

Brisket was never $.99/lb last year except on sale. Market prices
were much higher than that all over the country. If anybody was
selling it at $.99/lb then they were selling it at a loss. Last year
it was $1.58 first half of the year, $1.77 later in the year.


If you call that North, then the prices from here are all the hell and
gone to Canada
$2.68 last time I was at Sam's couple weeks ago.