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let me try again i accidentally emailled instead of posting.

i read an article years ago about the large amount of salt that is naturally
occurring in celery, then on another group a woman posted a link i no longer
have about it when her water retention went way up... like broccoli which
has a large amount of whatever it is that is used to make aspirine, Lee
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On 5/21/2012 11:36 AM, Storrmmee wrote:
my question is does it contain less salt than regular celery? Lee

who is working out the lower salt food plan for the dh

Salt content on home grown vegetables is going to depend upon the amount
of salt in your soil Lee. Plants don't make salt, just absorb it, at least
that's what I learned in one course in agriculture a thousand years ago.
Herbivores eat vegetation that has absorbed salt, then are eaten by
carnivores who get their salt from the herbivores. We eat both of them so
much of our salt intake comes from eating meat and vegetables grown on
soil with salt in it.

I've been off salt for about 25 years, never salt the food I'm cooking or
eating and read the labels on everything packaged.

We don't have much salt in our soil here according to tests we've run, and
the geologists tell me that 50K years ago our soil was at the bottom of
the Gulf of Mexico. Lots of rain tends to leech the salt out and take it
down deeper.

How did you find out how much salt was in the celery you were buying, or
was it home grown?