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On Sat, 19 May 2012 16:45:42 -0500, George Shirley

We also have problems with rosemary, the dratted bush will grow four
feet high and around in one season. Who needs that much rosemary? Dill
readily reseeds here so we always have plenty. I grow fernleaf dill to
put in dill pickles, to me it has a stronger taste than the seeds. Lost
my leaf celery to drought last year. Waiting until we move to buy more
seed. One of the handiest plants we've ever grown. Don't have to buy a
stalk of celery that will go bad before we can use it up. The leaf
celery can be cut fresh and added to salads and whatever is cooking and
gives it a good flavor. Sometimes known as "cutting celery."

George, you talk of "leaf celery". There is a plant, common in Europe,
that tastes just like celery (maybe a little more robust), and it's
commonly referred to as Chinese Celery, but locals have their own
names for it. In Hungary it's called Ujzeller (new celery). Grown for
leaves with insignificant stalks. Could this be what you're growing?

What is your Zone? I'm on the Gulf Coast, so it's in the 7-8-9 range.

Also, rosemary of the R. prostata variant grows as a ground cover,
broad and flat. Flavor's OK, but not as aromatic as the Tuscan Blue
and its brethren. Hint: Rosemary makes a neat bonsai, which means it
can be grown in pots. I have 4 plants of different cultivars, all
"erecta" and I let them grow at will. Come Christmas, there are
Rosemary wreathes about the house (they make neat gifts, too).

when roasting chicken, rosemary shoots (leaves and all) insereted
under the skin. Lamb chops, cut a handful of Rosemary branches and
beat the chops.
Add rosemary to an incense burner. I think it's part of church
incense. Smells like it anyway. rosemary thrown in the bottom of your
dirty clothes hamper. Cut rosemary twigs for kebab skewers.

Rosemary loves being pruned. Enjoy what nature has given you. It takes
trimming gladly and will thank you for it.