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Default '02 Huet Petillant Reserve

"Bi!!" wrote in

Although there has been some attempt at "calmer le jeu" it's clear
that this is not a divorce without rancor. *In the RVF article Mme
Pinguet comments: "Dommage, je ne boirai plus de ce vin que


I would say that he's pretty clear about his feelings!!! ;-)

Mme = (Madame) = Noel's wife, I guess.

May I say that I truly believe that Huet has made some of the most
impressive wines during the last 100 years. I still have to open one of
their bottles that dissapoints me, be it young or old, moelleux, demi-sec
or sec.

That said, I find that Mme. Pinguet should have bought the stockshares that
were put in the market 10 years ago, and therefore she would be the co-
owner and would be able to drink their wines for all her entire life.

Sadly, the winery had to look for an outside investor and this means that
something was not being managed the right way, because the Domaine has some
of the best terroirs in the whole world and the knowledge to make great
wine was in the head of Mr. Pinguet.

Once you sell more than 50% of the capital... you are no longer the one in
control. If the Pinguets wanted to retain control they should have sold
less than 50%. This also proves that the management skills where way below
the winemaking and viticulture skills.

Whatever happens in the future we should never forget that the terroir of
le Clos du Bourg (my favorite), Le Mont and Le Haut Lieu is more important
than any person and will be there for the future generations to drink the
great wines.