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Default May 2012 Lunch Notes

On May 11, 7:27*pm, "Bill S." wrote:
A small group for lunch this month, which means big pours and often
especially good wines.

2008 Vieux Donjon Blanc – I like white CNduP but it can be difficult
to nail blind. This one was tough – light colour, a gravelly citrus
nose but with tropical notes that steered me away from the Chardonnay
that would otherwise have been my first guess. *Finally ended up in
the Rhone. Nice length, nice fruit, no rush.

2002 Hendry Hendry Ranch Pinot Noir (Napa) – medium colour, nice dusty
plum nose, medium body, juicy medium long finish, tasty with black
fruit, perhaps a tad on the ripe side.

1983 Heitz Martha’s Vineyard cabernet – this was a poser – clearly a
mature California cab, but little oif the mint that typifies this
property in most vintages. The nose was a bit cooked, I thought, but
the wine still had decent mid palate fruit, some spice and soft
tannins. It began to fade fairly quickly. Would have been better a few
years ago.

2001 Ch. Pontet Canet (Pauillac) - *dark purple colour, sweet fruit
and entry, earthy fruit nose, good weight, long finish also fairly
sweet. The nose was atypical at first and only disclosed that it was
claret with some air time.

1982 Ch. Phelan Segur – this St. Estephe had a pleasant dusty plumy
nose soft entry, medium body, and decent acidity. Still has some soft
tannins. Nice. Still rinks well.

1992 Ch. Montelena (Napa) – this needed time in the glass to open up.
At first it showed little nose and seemed a bit hollow in the middle,
With time it filled out and exhibited a very nice nose of dark fruit.
Still lots of tannin and significant acidity, this long smooth wine
will last along time yet. *My first bottle from a case.

1999 Ch. Pavie – this St Emilion presented very oddly. A hot stewy
nose, tons of acidity, and soy, it showed as mature and totally unlike
previous tastings. *Maybe heat damaged?

I'va had a fair amount of the 1999 Pavie over the past few years and I
would agree that it must be heat damaged. While it isn't typical
Bordeaux acidity, soy and stew aren't normal for this wine...deeply
concentrated sweet fruit is the norm.