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Default Fried chicken. How?

Sqwertz wrote:
On Sun, 13 May 2012 10:44:08 -0500, Shawn Martin wrote:

Worked at KFC in a past life. The pressure cooked chicken is not crispy at
all. He's thinking of the Extra Crispy, which is twice breaded, and fried
at about 350. What makes it Extra Crispy is that it is kept under heat
lamps, instead of the warmer cabinet. BTW: The BBQ is day old Extra Crispy,
dipped in BBQ sauce, and heated up. :-(

They still make that BBQ chicken crap? I remember that crap from when
I was ~7 years old. I don't think they had extra crispy chicken yet.

I went to KFC a couple months ago and I couldn't believe the prices.
A 10pc bucket was $18 and 3pc meal with 2 small sides was $6.50 or so.
I left empty handed.


I remember when they had BBQ ribs. Perhaps just in ca. Not too impressed. I
think they gave up.