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Default Fried chicken. How?

ceed wrote:
On Sat, 05 May 2012 13:17:25 -0500, Kent wrote:

"ceed" wrote in message

I know this is slightly off topic, but I bet most of you know a
thing or
two about cooking outside of the pit. Anyway, I'm going to (deep) fry
chicken tonight. I have a deep fryer, but have never been able to
get the
"KFC crispness" and flavor at home. I've done this around 10 times
different recipes, even one stating it revelas the secret spice
blend KFC
uses. I'm not saying I need that exact flavor of KFC, but I would
like the
thick super-crispy crust they're getting on their chicken. I've tried a
couple of the store bought boxed chicken fry product and I have
tried to
make it myself. It's all been good, but not perfect. I've heard someone
say that frying twice may add to the crispiness, but I haven't tried it

So, if anyone here has the secret to perfect (southern) fried chicken,
please disclose it here because I'm going to need it tonight with guest
over expecting my fried chicken to be on par with my (now locally

//ceed (indeed)

Thank you for flying Opera:

Try panko bread crumbs and apply two layers. The following works great!
First season the chicken, then dust it with flour, dip it into egg
white and
dip it in the panko crumbs. I dip it again into egg white and apply a
layer of panko. That's optional, though it does give a thicker
crust. It
also works well for any kind of fish. You could also remove the
chicken skin
and apply panko to that. I think it would work well without drying
the meat
out. The panko crumbs have a much better taste than the usual crumbs.

Thanks! I guess I would use this method with any kind of fry like
Louisiana Chicken Fry which I think has a good flavor. I

Finally, make sure your oil is hot enough without breaking down.
Peanut oil
is best, though it has become expensive, and it does add a bit of taste.

I've got peanut oil in the fryer. I tried some other oil, but peanut
oil seems better.



You probably need to cook it at a hotter temperature. Heat the oil to
400-425 (not higher!).