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Default Self-Rising Flour= Regular Flour +?

I haven't bought self-rising flour in years, but found a recipe for
chocolate cobbler and it calls for 1-1/2 cups of that type flour. At the
one store I was in yesterday, there was a 5 lb. bag of Gold Medal
self-rising flour and it was over $5! I didn't want to pay for something
I would hardly ever use. I came home and looked in a couple of cookbooks
at the substitution charts and they did not have anything to use in
place of this flour. I know I would add some salt, but how much? I would
need to add baking powder or soda (maybe both?) but how MUCH would I add
to that amount of regular flour?

I'm sure somebody can help me out here, and appreciate it, as will save
myself some $5 plus change. I could just guess, but would rather have
the exact measurements.