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Default Pig tails.

On Apr 13, 10:43*am, [email protected] wrote:
BBQ pig tails are a regional specialty but, they're usually just baked
in a sweet tomato-based sauce in the oven.
I picked up some really nice looking, meaty pig tails in the butcher
shop yesterday. But, rather than just going the oven baked route, I
want to try doing true Q.
Has anyone done these that can offer some suggestions? Straight in the
smoker and finish with sauce? CYM and rub? Other?
I have hickory, apple, cherry, mulberry, oak, maple and grape vine
available for the smoke.



i don't smoke em. roast em off in a roasting pan in oven; one layer
pigtail, sprinkle brown sugar, another layer pigtail, sprinkle brown
sugar and so on.
add equal amounts of apple juice and ginger ale. into oven they go.
when done and nice and tender (do not undercook or you will be ****ed
off) let them cool to room temp. grill over charcoal with your
favourite bbq sauce. you can grill over wood i suppose..
you can reduce the sauce that pigtails were roast in. when nice and
syrupy, you can put individual ribs in there, simmer for a good twenty
minutes(ribs have been cooked/smoked beforehand) and you have sweet
ribs if that's your thing.