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Default Mustard & rub on a pork butt

On 4/20/2012 4:13 AM, Bob-tx wrote:
When smoking brisket, I usually I usually swab it with mustard before
applying the rub. It works well. Also use mustard on fish sometimes.

I was wondering about swabbing a pork butt with mustard before applying
the rub. Has anyone done this? How did it work?

Thanks, Bob

Applying mustard to a pork butt is a common practice. It helps your rub
adhere to the butt. I've been told it also acts as a tenderizer to.
For straight up Q'en, it works well. I've been told my butts or ribs
too, look a bit jaundice for photography purposes. But that is a pic of
just before placing on the WSM. Once it starts to cook, it looks great.

IMO, doesn't matter. Do it if you want. The butt is not going to be so
dry, that rub will not adhere if you choose NOT to apply CYM.

I don't think CYM adds much, if any flavor. So it becomes a matter for
personal preference..

You do know that CYM means Cheap Yellow Mustard, don't you? I have
never heard of anyone recommending anything more then CYM. But hey, if
you want to experiment, please let us know of your results...


An old Indian term for poor hunter...