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Default Vacuum marinating

"Brick" wrote

Methinks there is some confusion between chamber vacs and
external vacs here. I can easily pull 28 inches of vacuum on a
bag of water at my house using a Vac Master chamber vacuum
machine. When this process is applied to a piece of meat
surrounded by liquid you can watch the air/gasses escaping
from the meat into the liquid as vacuum is applied. It appears
to be boiling until all/most of the air escapes. Penetration of
the marinade all the way to the center or to the bone as the
case may be is very rapid.

For me, the critical part is when MY machine starts sucking up liquid, and
possibly interferes with the sealing mechanism, which in my case, involves
melting the bag slightly across a line at the top. Other machines may
operate differently. But so long as I get a good seal, it seems to work a
whole lot better.