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Default Vacuum marinating

Sqwertz wrote:

On Sat, 14 Apr 2012 10:37:34 -0700, Steve B wrote:

"Shawn wrote

I have not done this with meat, but I have used this trick to infuse
juices, and liquor into fruit. It really is only effective using a bag,
and chamber vac. You cannot effectively draw a vacuum on liquid with a
chamber vac.

My experiences, drawn from hundreds of years is this: You can't really get
a vacuum, because if you did, you would suck all the juice out.

If you want to get scientifically and anally accurate, you wouldn't
have meat in a true vacuum either.

Sounds like somebody is trying out for Kent's job.

just try to get the air out, the culprit in freezer burn. Since you can't
get a hard vacuum with the marinade liquid and body juices in there, the
point of hard vacuuming is moot.

We'll just call you Kent II.

Is this the same Steve B who flounced out of RFC a couple years ago?