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Default Brinkman single stack smoker

"Denny Wheeler" wrote in message
On Tue, 20 Mar 2012 15:04:44 -0700, "Kent"

I have the late model Weber Smokey Mtn. It has a very large water pan.
full, and you have it to a simmer it will maintain a 225F temp for at
6 hours without touching it.

I have that unit also. Except that I have sand (covered with foil) in
the 'water pan'. I have no problem maintaining a normal smoking temp
(250 is what I usually run, though for fowls I prefer more like 300)
for hours--won't say a number 'cause I've not timed it for 'how long
can I go'.

The main factor in temp control isn't 'what's in the pan'--it's the
vents. And keeping from going high early, as it's a lot harder to
'tune down' than to 'tune up'.

But Kent--we know you're not going to take anyone's word. So.
Try putting clean (sold as 'playground' or 'sandbox' sand at HD or
Lowe's or such) sand in the water pan, filled about 2/3 or so full,
then use wide HD foil to cover it and create a drip pan above the

Until you've actually done a couple or more smokes this way, you're
speaking from pure ignorance. Not that you seem to mind doing so.

Thank you Denny. I was speaking theoretically about heat transfer. I'm
going to take your advice and do it.

I have several complaints about the newer WSM.
1. The size of the water pan is good for providing a stable heat
temperature. However you can't tend the charcoal or wood on the side
opposite the pan. You can't see past the water pan. I understand some have
used a Brinkmann pan to solve that.
2. You have to lift the body of the WSM off and lift the base to get the
ashes on the bottom into something for disposal. I'm spoiled because I have
the Weber One Touch and it's very easy to clean out charcoal ash. I've
looked unsuccesssfully at HD and restaurant supply places trying to find a
foil or metal pan that would lie under the bottom grate. They could have
addressed this when they redesigned.
3. There are no handles on the body to lift it off.