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Default Pork cut

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Sqwertz wrote:

On Fri, 23 Mar 2012 17:37:02 -0700, Steve B wrote:

I see "ribs" advertised in the paper occasionally, and I have cooked some
varying degrees of success. They are called shoulder cuts, shoulder ribs,
shoulder etc, etc. etc.

They are probably just sliced pork butt with the blade bone in them.
AKA Country Style Shoulder Ribs. not to be confused with Country
style ribs from the loin.

Do you use this cut with any degree of success? Rub and bake? Slow cook
the smoker? Put them on the intake manifold on a trip to Cleveland?
your method?

I grill:

Or smoke fairly hot and fast (300F):

These are loin country ribs, not shoulder, but the effect is the same.

Like Steev sez. They're pretty bullet proof. Boil 'em in water. Boil 'em
in oil. Crock pot 'em with Kraft BBQ sauce. Put 'em on a stick and wave
'em in the flames.
Their size,shape and makeup make 'em PERFECT for engine block cooking.
Takes a couple hundred miles on the exhaust manifold.

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