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Default Brinkman single stack smoker

On 23-Mar-2012, Sqwertz > wrote:

> On Thu, 22 Mar 2012 17:28:02 GMT, wrote:
> > You want to see water burn, just dump some on burning
> > magnesium. Spectacular.

> I took some magnesium motorcycle engine part(s) - I forget which -
> and I lit up the Twin Lakes beach next to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
> It burned for over an hour. It was practically daylight from 2-3 AM
> and it attracted a few too many spectators (oops) making shadows
> against the cliff walls.
> 2 hours in jail, no charges, and very worth it.
> -sw

I once lived near a Bendix Aviation plant where they machined a
lot of magnesium parts producing truckloads of shavings. They got
rid of the shavings by burning them in an open field while stirring
the pile with a fire hose. I'm not sure of the science, but I think
the burning magnesium actually decomposes water into it's basic
elements which then feed the blaze with atomic fury. Suffice it to
say that you cannot extinguish a magnesium fire with water.

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