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Default Drinks to get Tipsy.

"Cranky *******" wrote in message
"Beer Monster" wrote in message
Kyoteee wrote ...
Alcohol makes liars of everyone.

No, it may exacerbate emotions but it does not turn people into liars.
Liars are liars through their own choice.

Agreed. Kyoteee cannot face up to the fact that alcohol is only dangerous
when used excessively and/or regularly, and continues to label all

as alcoholics regardless of how little or how much they drink. She thinks
it's OK to badmouth other things she see's as wrong in her eyes, but

take it when someone has the opposite opinion on smoking.

I know you're wrong on this one simply because you read her out of
context...if you paid attention you'd see that Ky is saying it's ok to
discriminate against smokers but nobody is picking on alcohol because most
anti-smokers are drunks and cowards...OK, Ky doesn't really say all
that...but the point is alcohol causes as much or more damage to society
than tobacco...

Not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic...the percentage of alcoholics is
directly proportional to the percentage of hate mongering
anti-smokers...just like not everyone who smokes dies of lung cancer...lung
cancer deaths in smokers is less than 2%...

So, go have your favorite bevy and thank smokers everywhere for taking the
pressure off you and your filthy disgusting habits...whatever they may
be...they are filthy and disgusting to someone, somewhere...