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Mike Helm
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Default Drinks to get Tipsy.

On 22 Feb 2004 12:28:24 -0800, (LovingPerson)

Dear all:

I am not a big mixed drinks aficiando. Let me be blunt. I am
looking for drinks that are Tipsy-makers to lube the ladies up. The
kind of drink I guess I am looking for is sweet, potent (though not by
taste), low volume, easily accepted by the ladies (girls have to like


* 1 oz. Vodka
* 1 oz. Triple Sec
* 1 oz. Lime Juice

Beer is not in this category for many reasons: Too much volume
(bathroom every 5 min), too weak, not good tasting (for girls).

wrong, wrong and wrong.

I was thinking something like long Island ice tea.

That'd be another possibility.

It seems to
have a large number of different drinks. Does the fact that it has
multiple types of alcohol make it more potent? (ie I remember people
saying not to mix your alcohols--because it would be too potent).

No, you shouldn't mix your drinks because supposedly you can get a
killer hangover from doing so. I say supposedly because I have not
found that to be 100% true, IME.

things being equal, if the goal is to get someone lubed up, is it best
to get a drink that has many many different kinds of alcohol in it?
Or does it not much matter?

It doesn't matter. The best way to get someone "lubed up" is to find a
girl who likes to get "lubed up" to begin with.

Any input would be appreciated.

signed: Curious Bar-hopper.