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Brian Macke
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Default Bourbon/Whiskey opinions please

On Mon, 16 Feb 2004 18:35:51 -0800, Beverage wrote:

Better bargains (quality/price) and why:

Maker's Mark vs. Knob Creek?

Of the two, I prefer Maker's. It's smoother and tends to provide a nice
warmth on the way down. Knob Creek is a bit harsher without any addition
of flavor.

George Dickel #8/#12 (is the difference worth it?) vs. Jack Daniels #7?

With Tennessee whiskies, the number signifies the formula used. Dickel #12
is the best of those three, and I would say it's almost twice as good as
Jack without the doubling in price.

I've heard that some bourbons/whiskeys have the same "mash bill," or
combination of ingredients/aging/etc., which may make some brands
virtually identical or very similar. Anyone with knowledge to offer a
comparison list?

I would doubt this since Whiskey production is a lot of art on top of
science... but I can't claim the expertise to adequately debunk it.

-Brian James Macke
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