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Default Question on "White Trash Cooking"

More from the first book:

If you live in the South, you know that the old White Trash tradition
of cooking is still very much alive, especially in the country. This
tradition of cooking is different from "Soul Food". White Trash food
is not as highly seasoned, it's not as greasy and you don't cook it as
long. Of course, there's no denying that Soul Food is a kissin'
cousin. All the ingredients are just about the same. But White Trash
food, as you'll see by and by, has has a great deal more variety.

If someone asked me what sets WhiteTrash cooking aside from other
kinds of cooking, I would have to name three of the ingredients:
saltmeat, cornmeal, and molasses. Every vegetable eaten is seasoned
with saltmeat, bacon or ham. Cornbread, made with pure cornmeal, is a
must with every meal, especially if there's pot liquor. And many foods
are rolled in cornmeal before they are fried. Of course nothing makes
cornbread better than a spoon or two of bacon drippings and molasses.
For the sweetest pies and pones you ever sunk a tooth into, molasses
is the one ingredient you can't find a substitute for. And a little
bit of it, used on the side, can top off the flavors of most Southern
food, even a day-old biscuit.