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Default Always put quotes around "vegan"

On Mar 19, 7:27*pm, George Plimpton wrote:
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On Mar 15, 6:12 am, George * * * * * * * *wrote:
It's just a hideously ugly fake word on its face, and the loathsome
ideas and false beliefs encapsulated in it are even more hideously ugly.

What's ugly about the ideas involved in veganism?

False morality is inherently ugly, especially when it involves self
exaltation and sanctimony.

I don't believe that a desire to do something about animal suffering
is inherently ugly, and

There isn't any such authentic desire. *It's really all about the ego
and self-image of the so-called "vegan".

This belief of yours strikes me as irrational.

No, it doesn't. *You just say that to try to deflect attention from you
own ego gratification and self-exaltation.

How exactly do you think I am trying to exalt myself

Believing that you're "better" than omnivores based on what you don't eat.

I don't.

You do.

Why do you think that?

Why do you ask pointless questions?

I asked the question because I was curious to know the answer.




Yes. Do you perhaps have some alternative explanation in mind?