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Default Always put quotes around "vegan"

Goo - ****wit David Harrison, bestiality practitioner - blabbered:

On Wed, 14 Mar 2012 22:12:54 -0700, George wrote:

It's just a hideously ugly fake word on its face, and the loathsome
ideas and false beliefs encapsulated in it are even more hideously ugly.

Below are all true.

"People who don't want them to exist should be "vegans"." - Prof. Geo. Plimpton

""vegans" are interested in their influence on animals,
****wit. They want everyone to be "vegan", which would
mean no animals raised for food and other products. That's
an influence, whether you like it or not." - Prof. Geo. Plimpton

logically one MUST conclude that not raising them in the first place is the
ethically superior choice." - Prof. Geo. Plimpton

""Veg*nism" certainly doesn't harm any living farm animals.
And if everyone adopted "veg*nism", no farm animals would
live in bad conditions." - Prof. Geo. Plimpton

you MUST believe that it makes moral sense not
to raise the animals as the only way to prevent the harm that
results from killing them." - Prof. Geo. Plimpton

"the moral harm caused by killing them is greater in magnitude
than ANY benefit they might derive from "decent lives" - Prof. Geo. Plimpton

""giving them life" does NOT mitigate the wrongness of
their deaths" - Prof. Geo. Plimpton

"no matter how "decent" the conditions are, the deliberate killing
of the animals erases all of it." - Prof. Geo. Plimpton

"Humans could change it. They could change it by ending it." - Prof. Geo. Plimpton

"There is no "selfishness" involved in wanting farm animals not to
exist as a step towards creating a more just world." - Prof. Geo. Plimpton