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Default Always put quotes around "vegan"

On Sat, 17 Mar 2012 13:48:14 -0700, "Dutch" wrote:

"Rupert" wrote
On Mar 17, 3:50 pm, George Plimpton wrote:
On 3/17/2012 1:05 AM, Rupert wrote:

On Mar 15, 6:12 am, George wrote:
It's just a hideously ugly fake word on its face, and the loathsome
ideas and false beliefs encapsulated in it are even more hideously

What's ugly about the ideas involved in veganism?

False morality is inherently ugly, especially when it involves self
exaltation and sanctimony.

I don't believe that a desire to do something about animal suffering
is inherently ugly, and I don't believe that it involves self-
exaltation and sanctimony.

This issue of collateral death and suffering does not exist in the conscious
awareness of the vast majority of vegans. When it is introduced to them, two
reactions outnumber all others by a wide margin, the first is denial, the
second is 'I'm still doing better than meat eaters'. Concern about the death
and suffering they just became aware of virtually never comes into it, and
certainly not anywhere near to the level of the concern they claim to have
for farmed animals. This is compelling evidence that veganism is primarily
about maintaining a holy image, by the implication that the diet and
lifestyles of most people is tantamount to barbarism. This is the ugly part,
there's almost a Muslim-like zeal to it.

They SHOULD care especially since they try to PRETEND to care, but it's the
same as you and your anticonsideration from my pov, which is even more evidence
to me that you're still an eliminationist never having gotten over it or
probably even coming close...well...maybe you almost kinda sorta tried to get
over it a tiny bit, but that made you feel dirty...
Anyway, **** all that. This is a time when you could possibly help your
brother a bit, because afaik even at this stage in his life poor Rupert STILL
can't comprehend how grass raised beef can sometimes/often involve fewer
wildlife deaths than growing and harvesting soy beans does. Do you think you
could explain it to him in a way that he could learn to comprehend at least one
example? Or do you think that for some reason his brain is physically unable to
accept much less appreciate those particular situations?