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Default Always put quotes around "vegan"

On Sat, 17 Mar 2012 07:50:07 -0700, Goo wrote:

On 3/17/2012 1:05 AM, Rupert wrote:
On Mar 15, 6:12 am, Goo wrote:
It's just a hideously ugly fake word on its face, and the loathsome
ideas and false beliefs encapsulated in it are even more hideously ugly.

What's ugly about the ideas involved in veganism?

False morality is inherently ugly, especially when it involves self
exaltation and sanctimony.

How do you want people to feel that your anti-consideration is superior to
having consideration for lives of positive value for livestock Goob? Rupert
might be able to help you with that, but he doesn't know what it means to have a
life of positive value instead of a life of negative value. The doesn't believe
the distinction between the two different types of situation means anything.
Maybe if you can help him comprehend what the distinction is and how it is
significant, he can help you figure out how refusing to consider lives of
positive value is superior to taking them into consideration.