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Default Wild Turkey 101-proof Rye

In notbob wrote:
On 2003-12-09, wrote:

Yep. Not much of a comparison, even.

Wild Turkey is in the same category as Jim Beam. For cheap Bourbon, I

Ooooh... that's harsh!

Yeah, I don't much like WT's regular stuff, but their premium bourbons
are something altogether different.

I'll have to give them a try. I like variety. Some cheap sour mash is
really pretty good. If you haven't tried Dickel, then try it. For cheap
corn whiskey, its very smooth.

Jim Beam's fancy bottled stuff, like Booker's, has never impressed me.

Agreed. That whole JB-Baker-Basil-Booker-bubba-blub..bbblbl... thing is
really quite horrid, I think. They're all like suckin' on a charcoal

I don't know if I'd go THAT far. Mediocre and overpriced is more how I'd
describe them. Their marketing department should win some kind of medal
for convincing people to pay such high prices for such a mediocre product.

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