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Default TN: 2 Lauers, 1 from Lebanon, plus France, Germany, Italy, etc.

We had 2 couples over for dinner Sunday, started with a simple shrimp cocktail and a bubbly. The NV Peter Lauer Riesling Sekt (I think that's all it said, those Lauer labels are a visual mess!) had a lot of ripeness, ful-bodied, quite popular though at $30 I didn't find it a bargain. B

The 2010 Lauer "Senior - Fass 6" Riesling was an acquistion from a friend who found it too acidic. I'm puzzled by that, as while it definitely has high acids it seems in balance to me. Comes across as just off-dry, big and zesty, with a citrus fruit core and minerally. I had opened because I thought one person was white -only, but she is drinking reds that go better with the lamb, so this goes in fridge, where it drinks even better on day 2 and 3.. B+/B

I had gotten a bone-in lamb shoulder from d'Artagnan, Betsy made a Moroccan accented roast, cooked 8 hours on low heat, really excellent. There was also Israeli couscous, some rather spicy carrots, and salad. Wines we

1999 Ch. Musar
This is a fairly recent release, but when I removed capsule top was dark, I decided to err on safe side by using AhSo. But it's tight and I push harder to get prong in, and whole cork pops into bottle (a bit of splash, luckily a purple tablecloth). I decanted, and worried as it seemed very volatile, even for Musar. But it calmed down quite a bit by time we sat down, red fruits with a raspberry edge, a bit of barnyard and leather, spice. Quite nice. B+

1979 Ch. du Tertre
Leather and cigarbox, black currants and earth, nice balance of acids and fruit, nice length, elegant and refined. I always like these! A-

Monday I stopped by an Indian grocery for a few things including pigeon peas, grabbed some storemade samosas while I was there. Made a mint/cilantro chutney, dinner was dhal, samosas, and salad. Wine was the
2010 St. Urbans Hof "Wiltinger Alte Rebe" Riesling. This was sold as a Kabinett, but I didn't see such a designation on bottle, until I read fine print on back- Kabinett Feinherb indeed. Very light, good acids, white fruit and freshcut fennel, enjoyable though not profound. B

Tuesday (unbelievable, over 70 in Westchester, al fresco dining in March weather!) was grilled salmon, grilled asparagus with a Meyer lemon dressing, sauteed spinach and arugula, and rice. Wine was the 2010 Ch. Cambon Beaujolais Rose. On the sweeter/softer side of rose, with a nice herby edge, pleasant enough and appropriate for weather if not season. B-

Wednesday has been slightly cooler but still nice enough for eating outdoors (though Betsy wore a fleece), even if the meal wasn't as "springy." Chicken cacciatore over egg noodles and caesar salad, with the 2007 Fongoli Montefalco Rosso. Fleshy, medium acids, black cherries and a little leather, this isn't something I need more of, but not bad. B-

Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine, B a good wine, C mediocre. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a party where it was only choice. Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.