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Default more bad news about meat glue and red meat in general

On Mar 14, 7:24*am, ImStillMags wrote:
On Mar 14, 12:07*am, sf wrote:

The problem as I see it is not that we consume meat, it's what we feed
them in these factory farms that really bothers me and I believe
creates the health problems we face today.

Observing the rapid maturation of children speaks volumes but no one
listens. Children gain weight at alarming rates. Could it be that the
chemicals we feed to the animals and produce to produce more, bigger,
and faster are effecting our children as well?

We stuff our food with growth enhancers and steroids. We genetically
engineer plants that grow bigger and faster. It is any wonder that we
and our children are reaping the benefit of our scientific tampering?

Some animals are bred for food, some are bred as pets, and still
others are bred to help. At least we owe our food the respect and
dignity it deserves and to treat it well.