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Default restaurant style iced-tea (home results dont come close)

Atmosphere. What is commonly served as tea can just as well be a herbal
infusion (Celestial Seasons comes to mind.) If the waiter keeps my glass
topped off with ice and tea I could care less about the taste just so long
it wasn't brewed in the coffee pot. You can check the previous posts on ice
tea. I prefer to let the tea adjust to room temperature before serving.
Some let chill in the refrig. When you make the tea use a big pot. My
grandma would boil water in a large pot on the stove, add the tea, let cool
and decant to a pitcher. The chefs in the kitchen probably have a tub of it
for serving which has been sitting around a couple of days. My rule of
thumb you don't want to know what is going on in the kitchen. There are
specific commercial formulations for iced tea but I think it more marketing
than anything else.


"Sanjay Punjab" wrote in message
I am an iced tea lover. However I rarely can get the taste and
consistancy that I find at restaraunts, such as TGI Fridays etc.
I tried Lipton and Luzianne. I tried brewing the tea using a tea
kettle and pouring over ice. I also tried using my coffee maker.
Does anyone know the blend of teas commonly used in restaurant chains
for iced-tea and what their secret (if any) for making great tasting