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Old 21-11-2003, 12:10 PM
Michael Plant
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Default restaurant style iced-tea (home results dont come close)

Sanjay 11/21/03

I am an iced tea lover. However I rarely can get the taste and
consistancy that I find at restaraunts, such as TGI Fridays etc.
I tried Lipton and Luzianne. I tried brewing the tea using a tea
kettle and pouring over ice. I also tried using my coffee maker.
Does anyone know the blend of teas commonly used in restaurant chains
for iced-tea and what their secret (if any) for making great tasting


I don't want to be discouraging, so *please* take what I say with a grain of
salt. I believe there is no way for mere mortals such as you and I to
reproduce the wonders of iced tea produced in restaurant chains such as TGI
Friday. Personally, I have long ago resolved the issue by giving up the
attempt. Just enjoy the tea where and how it's served. Sorry I couldn't
really be more helpful.