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Sam Broadbent
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Default The environmental credentials of bottled mineral water.


I am currently working on a design project set by the RSA (Royal
Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and

Commerce - The brief is titled 'Packaging, A
drop in the ocean' and calls for design students to re-think the

manner in which mineral water is delivered to the consumer with a
focus on the environmental impact involved with its delivery.

As part of my research I have developed a set of questions to aid my
understanding of the manner in which bottled water is used.

The information gathered from this questionnaire will help me
formulating a feasible and sustainable design proposal.

I would be grateful if you could follow the link below and fill in the
online questionnaire.

If you have ever bought or drank bottled water you will be able to
provide me with invaluable information. If you have never bought or

consumed bottled water but would like to share any thoughts relating
to this subject you can do so by following the link 'Other

thoughts' from the questionnaire homepage.

Many thanks,

Sam Broadbent